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Artemis POOL No. 66 (set of 6 48" billiard cushions)

Artemis POOL No. 66 billiard cushion
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Artemis POOL No. 66 billiard cushionArtemis POOL No. 66 rail cushion bundleArtemis POOL No. 66 cushion 6-packTechnical Specs
$285.00 each


Artemis adds additional ingredients in their rubber to provide a unique compound suitable for billiards with excellent non-aging characteristics.

In contrast to many less expensive billiard cushions ARTEMIS tournament billiard cushions are precise molded with two fabric backings.

Dimensional consistency is maintained throughout the entire length with accurately maintained machinery, moulds and closely monitored production techniques.

Rail cushions are 48" in length.

There are different profiles of cushion available for pool table rails. If you are not sure what type to order, please call to discuss and we will help you select the proper profile/type of cushion for your rails. The PLAY QUALITY is based on a combination of proper cushion and cushion height.

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