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How to Determine the Correct Rail Cushion Profile for Your Pool Table

Only one profile of cushion will give the correct nose height on a table. By installing the wrong profile, cushions will give an incorrect nose height/contact point and will impact the playability of your table.

  1. First, determine that your nose height (contact point of cushion rubber where the ball would hit) is 1 3/8” – 1 7/16” above the table surface (if you have a standard pool table that uses 2 ¼” balls).
  2. If your cushion height falls within that range, you must replace cushions with the same profile.
  3. Expose the cushion by cutting a rail cloth to expose the top side of the cushion. Or remove the rail cloth to expose the cushion.

K66 Profile: Common for Non-Brunswick Tables

Most non-Brunswick tables will take a K66 profile that measures 1 1/8” across the top of the cushion and 1 3/16” high at the back (glue) side.

artemis pool no66
classic billiards k66
championship tour edition k66
olhausen accufast k66

K55 Profile

K55 cushions measure 1 ¼” across the top and 1 5/16” high at the back (glue) side. Keep in mind if you have an older Brunswick (before 1975), be sure to measure the back side of the cushion at the glue side and confirm 1 5/16” before ordering. Older K55 cushions had a 1 5/16” back side dimension but a 1 1/8” top side measurement (same as K66).\

Note: If your Brunswick table has either the older (smaller) K55 cushions or the newer K55 cushions, in virtually ALL cases, you do not need to do sub-rail modifications. There is a lot of incorrect information regarding this on forums, blogs, etc. The truth is the older K55 (smaller) and newer K55 profile cushions have the same nose height when installed. The only difference is your playfield size would be decreased by 1/4" by switching from the older (smaller) K55 to the new current version.

artemis intercontinental no66
classic billiards k55
brunswick superspeed k55
diamond k55

Brunswick 7 ft. & 8 ft. Table Profiles

If your table is an older 7- or 8-foot Brunswick table with Brunswick Centennial or Contender cushions (non-triangular cushions shaped like a “number 7”), you need to order Brunswick Contender cushions. We also sell our Classic Billiards U56 profile cushion as a great, affordable alternative.

Brunswick Centennial/Contender Rail Cushion - set of 6
classic billiards u56 rail cushion

Confused About What to Order?

If you are not getting an existing nose height for your old cushion in the range listed above, call us at (410) 256-8388, and we will help you determine the correct profile needed.

If you are getting a cushion dimension different than the K66, K55, and U56 profiles listed above, with your contact point being correct at 1 3/8”- 1 7/16” above the playfield, you may have a smaller or uncommon profile. Feel free to call (410) 256-8388, and we can try to match up to a correct, current cushion profile.