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Championship Tour Edition 66 1-5/8" Rail Core Mounting Guide

For K-66 Tour Edition Cushions

Through intense testing of ball performance utilizing specialized precision instruments which is totally mechanical, our engineers have gathered the data to not only build a precision engineered cushion that performs consistently to the "Diamond system" when mounted properly to the rail, but has long life and stability that lets us offer with confidence, a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

The three diagrams illustrated on this page represent the three common nose height settings by leading pool table manufacturers.

The cushions illustrated are Championships Precision Engineered, TOUR EDITION K-66 mounted on a 1-5/8" thick rail core.

NOTE: All angles are predicated on the rail being a full 1-5/8" thickness in front of the featherstrip groove. If rail has a 1/32" cloth relief in front of the featherstrip groove, all angle dimensions will increase by 1-1/2 degrees.

As a result of our intensive testing, we recommend mounting the cushion to the 1-13/32" nose height to achieve maximum accuracy and overall playability of the ball.

61% nose height 62% nose height 64% nose height



1/32 cloth relief at 62%

1/32 cloth relief at 64%


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