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The Billiard Encyclopedia (3rd Edition)

The Billiard Encyclopedia (3rd Edition) cover
The Billiard Encyclopedia (3rd Edition) coverbilliard_encyclopedia-6billiard_encyclopedia-2billiard_encyclopedia-3billiard_encyclopedia-1billiard_encyclopedia-5billiard_encyclopedia-4
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The Illustrated History of The Sport

Victor Stein, author of the first two editions, is proud to present the 3rd Edition of the critically acclaimed The Billiard Encyclopedia. This award winning publication has established itself as the most authoritative and historical book ever written on the game of billiards.

This new 3rd Edition has been completely revised with over 350 new pages and 500 new images, many from The Encyclopedia's own billiard achive. It has expanded to 640 pages and features new sections on Current Cue Makers, Worlld Class Cue Collections and "The Beauty of The Cue", a stunning pictorial containing over 500 cues made over the last forty years.

In addition there are features on Blatt Billiards, Brunswick Billiards, French Tables and Cues. Hundreds of billiard collectables have been expressly photographed. This 3rd Edition goes further in illuminating the journey that started 20 years ago in documenting the fascinating story of Billiards, "An Illustrated History of The Sport".


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