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Advanced Principles of Pool & Billiards DVD

 Advanced Principles of Pool & Billiards DVD
$29.95 each


This "classic" DVD is over an hour long and re-produced from the original 1985 master tape. It is geared toward the intermediate pool player. In it, Grady Mathews, one of the most articulate and comprehensive instructors in the sport, cements the basics and immediately whisks the viewer into the advanced world of 2-rail kicks, frozen ball shots, the effect of english on object balls, and the mirror system with varying cue-ball hits.

The "Professor," as he is known by fans and professionals alike, reminds you to look at the percentages of the shot to determine whether to lean toward softer versus harder hits for given situations. He teaches kicking systems with and without english and how to adjust them with parallel lines and by dividing the distance. Also covered are how to determine the degrees of masse'; the "umbrella" shot, tickies, and understanding how the object ball turns when it is contacted with a cue ball that has english on it. 

This video takes an in-depth look at how a champion would handle tough situations, divulging information that will get you out of many tricky spots. When it's all said and done, the Professor offers a checklist for self-examination—assisting you in examining your own strengths and weaknesses. Advanced Principles of Pool & Billiards is a must-have reference for your all-around game.



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