Billiard fabric installation guide for Simonis Cloth

When installing Simonis cloth, be sure to put the SMOOTH SIDE UP. The smooth side also has printing on the edge with the grade, i.e. SIMONIS 860. This is the playing surface of the cloth (the back of the cloth is not sheared as fine and is slightly fuzzy).

Simonis is NOT a "felt", it is carefully and precisely woven fabric specifically designed to enhance your game by allowing the balls to roll straight and true while still maintaining consistent speed and spin.

Installation Diagrams

Please note: The Simonis installation diagrams are provided for reference only. Because untrained or unprofessional installers have difficulty installing Simonis cloth, Simonis recommends installation by professionally trained table mechanics only.

Q. Simonis cloth is harder to stretch than other cloths.

A. This is true and it is intentional.
  Simonis goes to great lengths to ensure that their cloth stays within small, specified ranges of extension and elasticity. The benefit of this precision tolerancing is that, once the cloth is properly installed, it will not loosen or require re-stretching and any small damage to the playfield will not grow or spread as it does in lesser quality cloths.

PDF Download Installation Diagrams (~500 kb)
Please note that these installation diagrams show one way of installing cloth. There are several ways to achieve a proper installation and other techniques are acceptable. 

Simonis Standard Cloth Cutting Guide

Many tables require special sizes in order to be covered properly. The Simonis Standard Guide is provided for general reference.

PDF Download Simonis Cloth Cutting Guide (~100 kb)

Note for Glue-Down Installations

Simonis cloth can be glued. We recommend 3M FastBond 10 for glue-down installations. Call for information.

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